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Imagine! Learn to play the ukulele with ukulele classes from an award winning instructor and play just about any song you want, in a very short time!

  • One of the quickest and easiest instruments to learn: AJ makes your learning experience on the ukulele fast and fun. In a short time, with a little practice, you’ll be playing your favorite songs like a pro.
  • Free Bonus Materials: Downloadable ukulele reference materials and a FREE eBook by AJ teaching you how to write your own songs.
  • Additional instruction for mastering your instrument: AJ provides enjoyable videos on the most popular songs of today – love songs, holiday music, pop, rock and country music to help you get become more proficient playing the ukulele.
  • Master the instrument with advanced lessons: AJ teaches you how to advance on the instrument quickly and understand how to play songs on your own, no lengthy subscriptions to suck your wallet dry! AJ shows you how to find popular music on-line and play those songs on your own.

Ukulele Classes

AJ Hartman’s ukulele classes will speed you on your way to mastering the instrument and, with a little practice; you’ll impress your friends at parties or play at the local coffee shop for crowds of adoring fans. – Okay. That’s cheesy sales copy that most people would write to sell you a course. – The reality is that this course gives you want you need with no massive hype or hard sell. You subscribe for as long as you need and no longer. We want you to be happy with the purchase of your instrument and these courses. The simplicity and speed of his teaching method are what have earned AJ his award winning status.

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